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We slowly rolled to March what is actually the first month of spring in the lunar calendar. With this unbeatable fact I went through my wardrobe and marked what I miss or what would I like to add to my spring/summer wardrobe. As Autumn/ Winter wish list helped a lot with through the planning process I created a Spring/Summer wish list as well. To shop intentionally and without any overspending purchases.

Spring/Summer wish list

Silk Shirt / Blazer / Leather Flats / Silk Skirt

Spring / Summer Wish List

I will be adding only a few items to my capsule wardrobe. Some of them will be replaced by already disposed pieces. Some pieces will be added because I was thinking about that item for a long time and it will be the best fit to add to my all-year-round capsule wardrobe. So what I will be adding?

Spring/Summer wish list


I had a check blazer on my Autumn/Winter wish list, but after I tried a few styles I just felt it wasn’t the right fit for me. I felt like I am following the trend, instead of my own style. But when I spotted that one and tried it on, I knew it is the right blazer for me. I bought it in TKMaxx, not the sustainable shop but I prefer to have something that ticks all my boxes except for sustainability than something that won’t work for me at all but it’s made sustainably. You might say it is too dark for spring, but that’s a great alternative to a leather jacket or trench coat.

Spring/Summer wish list

Slip Skirt

I already have a black silk skirt and as I have loads of use of it I decided to go for a lighter colour. Beige would be a good fit for my wardrobe. My black is tailor-fit and the beige is already in making. But I found one on Etsy what ticks all boxes.

Spring/Summer wish list

Shirt or Blouse

I love to wear shirts and blouses, it is a great piece to wear instead of a t-shirt. Looks smarter and lift up your outfit without too much effort.

Spring/Summer wish list


I will go for two styles – heels and flats. I fell in love with slingbacks in black and nude as I have worn out and bin my heels a few months ago. And I need black flats as well, as I never walk peacefully and need to catch the trains and make appointments. The leather pointy toes are high on my wish list.

Spring/Summer wish list

I still keep trying to buy only a few items every season. Thoughtfully created wish list helps me to budget my spendings I am not falling into trends.

What works for you to keep on track with your capsule wardrobe? Do you prefer shopping for the seasons or when is something needed? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Spring/Summer wish list

If you need some inspiration Pinterest is a great place where to start to create your mood board or wish list board.

Spring/Summer wish list

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