Winter Accessories

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What do you reach for in the coldest months of the year? Or what do you look forward to wearing in the winter that keeps you warm? I love winter accessories. Beanies, shawl, gloves, scarves and hat. Anything that keeps me warm and adds extra colour to the outfit. Accessories are easy to wear and can change your outfit in a second. Winter is great to experiment and play around with your accessories.

Winter Accessories

Tote / Sunglasses / Beanie / Crossbody bag / Jewellery / Boots / Booties / Sneakers

Winter Accessories

We don’t need to have many accessories to spice up our outfits, as with everything we only need to choose wisely.  With accessories, we can even add colour to otherwise neutral outfits. You can experiment a bit with accessories. Or you can keep it to a bare minimum.

Silk Scarf – silk scarf is a great way to pump up your basic outfit. It adds luxury to your everyday outfit. When you need to add interesting detail to your outfit, a silk scarf is the one to reach for as it comes in many colours and prints.

Cashmere Shawl – my favourite go-to winter accessory. It keeps me warm and it can be used as an extra layer in the cold office or on the plane. The volume and cosiness that it’s created can not be forgotten too.

Beanie – by wearing a beanie you not only keep 10% of body heat but also protect ears from the freeze. Beanies also create a chick looking winter outfit. No, they shouldn’t be left only for kids anymore.

Winter Accessories


Hat – if you don’t feel like you can or you want to wear a beanie, or it doesn’t fit you at all you can always reach for a wide brim hat. Keeps you warm and gives you a really glamorous touch.

Boots, booties, sneakers – Good winter boots are a must. Boots can be worn in any kind of condition, but when you need to look more dressed up or you live in a milder winter climate ankle booties are a more fashionable option. Sneakers are perfect for shopping.

Jewellery  – jewellery is an unbeatable part of the everyday outfit. When you choose wisely you don’t need to change it often. I never change my beloved pieces.

Tote, Crossbody Bag – another classic of the everyday wardrobe but I had to include it in this roundup as it makes a whole outfit.

Sunglasses – the winter sun is stronger and snow is too bright not to wear sunglasses. Psst if you like any Proof Eyewear sunglasses through my link you can get $20 off.

Gloves – last but not least winter accessories.


Winter Accessories


What is your go-to winter accessories? What are your favourite items that you always wear? Let me know in the comments, share your love for sustainable brands, share them with us.

If you like more outfit ideas or how to look stylish in the winter or are you thinking about shopping less in 2020 you can find all kinds of inspiration over here.

Winter Accessories

I would also appreciate it if you let me know what do you like the most to read. I would like to add home decor to the website. Would you be interested in this kind of post, ideas and sharing brands? Let me know in the comments or send me an email. I appreciate any suggestion.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Merry Christmas




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