The Silk Skirt

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Since I created a capsule wardrobe I became resistant to a trends. But as with everything else rules are here to being brake sometimes. It is exactly the same with the silk skirt trend. I just fell in love with the silk skirts. It can be taken as a trend but also it can be considered as a wardrobe staple when it match rest of your wardrobe. For me it will be black. I prepared a bit of inspiration how to style the silk skirt with rest of your minimalist wardrobe.

How to style the silk skirt

Trainers / Leather Jacket / Sweater

How To Style The Silk Skirt

If you like the pencil skirts it would be a perfect replacement. Silk skirt can be dress up or down, looks great with heels or with a sneakers. Silk skirt would also be a great piece for your fall capsule wardrobe.

How to style the silk skirt



You can find the silk skirts in any kind of colour this days. But I prefer to stay true to my style and I will go for a classic black. It is already in making as I couldn’t find the style what would suit my shape and to be sustainable. When it’s ready I will show you in an another post.  Whatever colour you’ll go for it will has to match the rest of your wardrobe. Animal prints are great as it goes with any colour wardrobe. It is consider as classic.

How to style the silk skirt


The most luxurious material is silk, but if budget doesn’t allow you to go for it, you can go for satin, and if it’s added little stretch to it you will bend without any restriction.

How to style the silk skirt


The most important for the right look and style of skirt is a length. With silk skirts always go for a midi length. Midi is a versatile and elegant. Suits all ages, styles and occasions.


What trend did you fall in love with? What do you add to your fall capsule wardrobe? Let me know in the comments.

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