Sweater Weather

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Did you stop and look around lately? Did you notice nature is changing and we approaching colder weather what means more layers will be required really soon? But with the good basics, we don’t need to bother at all. They keep us looking stylish but warm as well. Fashion favourite season is here, sweater weather is in a full swing.

Sweater Weather


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Sweater Weather

You don’t need to own many sweaters more important is to own the right one. I found that 4 works just fine for me. If you can, try to get your hands on cashmere knit and thick woollen sweater. Thinner cashmere sweater will be great to wear under jackets and coats without adding extra bulk. The thick woollen sweaters are great to wear on its own or when the temperature goes way below zero you will have the warmest mid-layer.

Sweater Weather


The cashmere, merino wool and mohair are the most luxurious materials. Merino wool is a more affordable option, but still nice and soft and keeps you incredibly warm. But even cashmere doesn’t need to be expensive these days. There is plenty affordable but still sustainable options. Or you can shop at the end of the season when prices are more budget-friendly. Have you heard that Evarlane came with the new products as ReCycled cashmere? We can do better for our nature while we wrapping up in the knits. It’s a win-win option. And if you get cold really easily or you like a chunky sweater then handknitted I love Mr Mittens jewels are right for you. Check them out for an knit project inspiration or to wrap in one of their lovely fashionable knits.


Look After Your Knits

To be the proud owner of capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean to own only better quality items, but it also means to look after your clothes a bit more. To make them last for years to come. To help you maintain your knits shavers and wool combs will be your best friends. When knits start to look a bit tired and worn out, gentle and patient shaving or brushing give them a fresh new look again. Also to extend the unnecessary washing you can use knit freshener to give your knit a fresh new feeling.


Sweater Weather


Hope you found that little knit guide useful before you add the new knit to the capsule wardrobe. As with everything else try to get the best of what you can afford.  It makes you look good and you’ll feel much better in it. Don’t compromise on quality in your capsule wardrobe. Even when you need to invest a bit of money it will cost you less later.

If you are still looking for some fall inspiration or any other new items for colder months check my other posts dedicated to the fall. But don’t forget to shop your own wardrobe before anything else.

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