The French brand for babies Patt’touch is a family adventure above all. Moreover, it is also an exceptional French savoir-faire transmitted from generation to generation.

Based on a family know-how passed down from generation to generation in the design and manufacture of soft leather shoes, the French baby brand Patt’touch cultivates the demand for beauty, the passion for quality and the concern for quality detail and finishes. The two founders, who happen to be sisters, wish to highlight and promote the skills of French craftsmanship. Thanks to their own creativity, the sisters Olivia and Julie value the traditional techniques acquired from year to year while innovating a French baby brand product in their own way.

The beginning of the journey

This family story and passion came from a creative mother and her two daughters Olivia and Julie who, from their earliest childhood, were immersed in the universe of baby shoes and slippers. The two sisters became as creative as their mother and decided to create their own brand, honouring the French creation as well as their family savoir-faire. In fact, Patt’touch honours the previous generation! Their desire to create was born from this passion transmitted from an early age, and their desire to perpetuate the French and artisanal know-how of the “stitch and return”, a unique manufacturing process.

Each leather baby shoe is then handcrafted using this traditional manufacturing process that is the “stitch and returns”. A unique know-how, a French savoir-faire that keeps the flexibility of the leathers and the shape of the baby boot to give the baby a freedom of movement and comfort unequalled, essential for learning to walk. The sole is sewn on the back of the baby shoe which is then returned before being placed on hot forms to give its final appearance.

The tradition of quality

The creation of each model, the definition of patronage, cutting, stitching and finishing: each step of manufacturing a slipper is carried out in the family atelier in the South of France. The French baby brand gives a particular attention to every detail of this manufacturing process in order to offer the best product you could find for your little one.

In addition, in accordance with the United Nations International Charter, the production of Patt’touch baby shoes and slippers is ethical. The assembly of leather baby shoes of the French brand is done with water glue, guaranteeing a full safety for all the little feet.

Patt’touch collaborates exclusively with the best French craftsmen, who are selected for the irreproachable quality of their products and their work. According to the family business, the French savoir-faire is essential!

Precise shapes

Based on a French family savoir-faire passed on for more than a decade, the shapes of Patt’touch baby shoes are studied and designed in order to respect the morphology of the baby’s foot and allow its harmonious development and its perfect maintenance.

All slippers of the French brand for babies, including insoles, are made using soft leathers that guarantee a barefoot effect and offer little feet the greatest comfort to accompany them to their first steps.

Baby shoes made entirely of soft and light leather

The harmonious development of baby’s feet right after birth is a priority for the French baby brand Patt’touch. The shapes and leathers were chosen to recreate a barefoot sensation.

The leather is the noblest material offering multiple benefits. Indeed, it is a natural, supple, light and thermoregulatory material that keeps the baby’s feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer while letting them breathe.

The skins are carefully selected from the best European tanners for their quality and flexibility. Each leather is certified according to European REACH standards.