Sustainable Brand: Denise Roobol

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Beginning of journey

After 4 years of studying at the Willem de Kooning Design Academy, Denise developed a strong vision where fashion and nature become closer than ever. With this vision in mind, she decided to start her own a vegan bag & accessory brand.


Minimalistic and functional design in combination with the usage of vegan materials makes Denise an absolute early bird. She wanted to create something new in order to convince & inspire people showing that fashion accessories can be vegan-friendly.

Vegan Materials

Denise Roobol only uses high-tech vegan materials coming from the surroundings of Hong Kong, an area that has the lead in developing high-quality vegan materials. By the usage of this new material, she encourages others that it is definitely possible to have fashionable vegan products.

DENISE ROOBOL is a PETA approved vegan brand!

Bags With Names

While designing, Denise creates a world around her products inspired by different lifestyles and places. Eventually, all bags have their own story with a matching name.

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