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Summer holidays are around the corner and we’ve been thinking about where to spend them. It looks like this year, more than any other, we will choose to spend the holidays in our own countries or even at hour homes. If we have a holiday home, summer house or some sort of vacation home we will probably book it in the calendar as our holidays over there. We will be travelling light for a staycation.

Travel light Staycation

Shirt // T-shirt // Dress // Tops // Jeans // Shorts // Bikini // Hat // Bag // Sunglasses // Slides 


Travel Light For a Staycation

Let’s take it positively. We don’t need to book a flight, most likely, we don’t need to rush or even to pack too much. We’ll be staying in a country where we know it or close to home. We know what’s the weather like there, also what we can do to keep the family entertainment and where to relax. For the staycation, we really don’t need much. And if we spend it in our own houses we need to make it as cosy as possible without dealing with usual everyday stuff.

Travel light Staycation

What Would We Pack

For a staycation, we don’t need to overpack at all. If we live in a mild country the jeans and shorts are essential with the lighter top and some kind of cover-up for colder evenings. Or skirt and dress are a great options too. Don’t forget the bikini, after all we are on holidays. Otherwise, if you live in the hot climate the packing list is even shorter, skirt, shorts and dress with vests and the bikini and you are perfectly fine. The summer clothes don’t even take that much space in the bag.

Travel light Staycation

Summer Accessories

Over the summer we can play a bit with our capsule wardrobes. Adding a headscarf is a nice touch and will upgrade your outfit. It can be boho style for a beach day or silky one to add a more dress-up style.  Also, hats are great for hot summer days, it won’t only save you a headache but also cover your skin and shoulders. And great sunglasses are a must.

Travel light Staycation

Staying at Home

If you decided to stay at home not even to travel to your country, don’t be a worry. You can create a hotel room from your bedroom by simplifying it. Instead of having breakfast in the kitchen, take it to the garden or bring it to the bedroom. And at night you don’t need to have a usual dinner, but order something special and create that beach restaurant atmosphere at your garden. Lighten up the candles and play nice summer music. You can create a beautiful atmosphere without leaving your house. And don’t forget to dress up, you have your whole wardrobe on hand.

Travel light Staycation

Tell us about your holiday this year. Where do you go and what do you want to take? Is there anything that would you take or you normally wear only on holidays?  Let us know in the comments with some summer destination ideas.


Travel light Staycation

For more outfit and capsule wardrobe inspiration have a look at my posts over here. Or my Pinterest is full of ideas.




Travel light Staycation

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