The Most Versatile Pieces in Your Capsule Wardrobe

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If you are thinking to build a capsule wardrobe, you should start building from these few pieces and you will have outfits ready for the next few weeks and then add other basics to it and you are done. But don’t expect to have your perfect wardrobe ready in a few minutes. Unless you start from a complete scratch and you will go shopping for everything. But this is not very sustainable.

First try to shop your own wardrobe, because probably you already own these pieces. Do you wonder what is it?

The most versatile pieces in your capsule wardrobe

/Tote/ Trainers/ White Shirt/ Trenchcoat/ Black Jeans/ Dress or this/ White T-shirt/Stripe T-shirt/Booties/Blazer/Pumps

Well fitted pair of jeans.

It’s the most used piece in everyone’s wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if it’s pair of dark blue, light blue or black jeans, but you should definitely have one.

White shirt

Another staple and the most used piece. You can make any outfit presentable and put it together with this staple. Everyone prefers a different style, the most important is to find the perfect fit and style which represents your personality.

Stripe T-shirt 

Get a chic French look with a classic Breton stripe t-shirt. Looks great with jeans and a blazer or a trench coat. And to monochrome basic, you will have something structured in your closet.

White T-shirt

The simple white t-shirt can make any outfit dress down or up. And if you add the right accessories and red lipstick it can take you far.

Black Blazer

You know this morning when you have ‘nothing to wear, so go for an outfit with the black blazer. You have a staple that doesn’t let you down.

the most versatile pieces in your capsule wardrobe




This classic timeless piece makes an even simplest outfit stand out. Go for beige, black or navy blue. With these colours, you have the piece of clothes which never goes out of style.


Many ladies prefer to have in their capsule collection a black pencil skirt, but to have an easy and timeless capsule wardrobe we should have something different and eye-catching in it as well. So I picked the skirt which is slightly different and easy to wear with anything. But the choice is yours, just pick the one which suits you and your lifestyle the best.


If you need a dress for work, a wedding or a party, a classic little black dress is definitely a piece to go for.

White trainers

That’s definitely my go-to pair of shoes. Good quality white trainers go with everything. It will look amazing when you wear them with jeans or even with the LBD for this effortlessly chic look.

Black loafers/pumps/ankle boots

I added more choices in this category, just because everyone prefers something different. But black is definitely going to colour. It will match any kind of outfit. It’s up to you if you prefer high heels or low heels all of them will look modern, effortless and chic. Just choose the one which you feel the most comfortable in.

the most versatile pieces in your capsule wardrobe

If you struggling to create a capsule wardrobe here is some inspiration, and let me know what would you like to add to your capsule wardrobe. You can try to join my challenge to curate your perfect capsule wardrobe, and read about it here how it works for me. Do you know of any sustainable brands that can be mentioned on our website?

The most versatile pieces in your capsule wardrobe

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