How To Style: The Same Outfit For Two Occasions

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Many people are worried about wearing the same clothes over and over again. But there is nothing wrong about it. I build my wardrobe based on workwear and leisure wear. Which would you think I need a huge wardrobe even when I am talking about the capsule. But that’s not quite true. I have a small wardrobe and I can cover all occasion. And by that, I mean even the parties and formal meetings.

Basic capsule wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

Blue jeans/Booties/Pumps/Crossbody Bag/ Tote/ Sweater; Sweater / Trainers/ White Shirt/Stripe T-shirtSunglasses/ Trenchcoat/ Black Jeans/Blazer/Leather Jacket/Pants Dress/Hat/Bra/Blouse/Slip Top/Necklace


This is the perfect cover all capsule wardrobe. And I show you a few outfit ideas based on this items. Just swap one piece of clothing or just shoes and you have a completely different outfit to take you somewhere else.



How to wear a dress for weekend and for work

I know this is more like a summer dress, but it is a great example, quite easily you can wear this way even a little black dress. For colder weather use a trench coat or a leather jacket. Simple.

LBD worn differently

All black outfit

One of my favourites outfits. Easy to take you from day to night. Just swap the shoes and you are good to go. Btw, in black everyone looks much better. Even if you work with the tight budget.

everyday style

My everyday look. Not a shame at all. I just swap jackets and t-shirt. I own many stripe t-shirts so sometimes it looks like it’s all that I wear and I have.

What are your go-to pieces? What do you like to wear most of the time?

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