How To Style: Culottes

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We are experiencing the weirdest weather in a long time. Last week it was 1C in the morning and today it was 28C at lunch time. Is in it terrible? Probably all of you know what I am talking about. The hardest season to dress for. I was thinking really hard what would help you to make your life easier and invest in a good piece of clothing what can take you through all that transitional changes. And I found it. Culottes is the answer. In this post I show you how to easily style culottes. To look chic for all occasions.


How to style Culottes

Culottes/ T-shirt or here / Jeans jacket / Bag/ Trainers

What Are The Culottes

According to Wikipedia it is kind of clothes replacing skirt. But in each country it looks different. In France it was tight fitted trousers finishing over the ankle with the buttons. In England it was pair of trousers wide enough to look like a skirt. Whatever style you prefer you can wear it and call it culottes.


How to style Culottes

Top / Trenchcoat / Bag / Pumps

How To Style Culottes

Culottes are actually really nice piece of clothing. It doesn’t restrict you live your life in fullest but still gives you a bit of nice skirt feel. It depends on the length of the culottes what style you choose. I styled more trousers style look, but wanted to show you they can look great for any occasion. Perfect to wear them with trainers and t-shirt or for more work appropriate occasions or as a evening outing. And don’t trust the myth that culottes are only for tall girls.

How to style Culottes

Leather jacket/ Silk Top

If you like more inspiration check my Pinterest board and follow me for more style inspiration over there. And if you are stack with capsule wardrobe inspiration have a look at my other posts how to style only a few pieces and to look stylish.

Do you wear culottes? How do you style them? Let me know in the comments.

PS. I styled Everlane Wide leg pants as a culottes but you can find beautifut pieces at People Tree as well.

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