How To Style Chunky Sweater

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It’s so unreal. Only a few weeks ago we were enjoying nice hot sunny days and look at it now. Temperatures keep dropping, but on other hand, it doesn’t need to be so sad if we like all that beautiful sweaters, that have been waiting to be worn since early spring.  I like them too, I love wearing sweaters under a blazer or trench coat, it is so chic. Do you think it’s too bulky? No, it doesn’t need to be. We just need to find the right proportions. Oversized fits will work really well worn over the big chunky sweater without giving you an extra bulk. Below are some outfits how I am styling the chunky sweaters.


How to style chunky sweater

Turtleneck // Pants // Blazer // Tote // Pumps

How to style chunky sweater

Sweater // Pants // Trainers


How to style chunky sweater

Trench Coat // 


How to style chunky sweater

You are not sure if the chunky sweater is your cup of tea? Have a look at this post on how I am styling fitted turtleneck and more capsule wardrobe styling posts over here.


How to style chunky sweater

Sweater // Jeans // Boots 


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