How To Style a Shorts

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I’ve been thinking about what could I style for you this week. Then I realized I mention jeans and jeans outfits in each post, but now when the summer is in the full swing I rarely style shorts, and I wear them most of the time when the weather doesn’t play a game with us. Shorts are great to style as they can be dressed down or dress up as well. If you are not so sure, keep scrolling down to see how I style a pair of shorts.

How to style shorts

Shorts // Shirt // Flip-flops // Bag // Sunnies

How To Style a Shorts

Shorts don’t need to be considered as casual wear only.  Pair of shorts can be even styled in a more dress-up way, especially when you get them in a tailor-fit or longer than your regular jeans shorts. Shorts not just looking great with the white shirt but I fell in love with the outfits when the shorts are worn with a blouse. They look great over the weekend but also can be worn to the office. You just need to choose the right fit and a length.


How to style shorts

Shorts // Short-sleeve Knit // Bag // Shoes //


It’s In The Details

When I say it’s in the details I mean to look for a more tailor short, with the hems or appropriate length. We need to consider if we’ll wear it only over the weekend or we would like to take them to the office. No one wants to look like coming home from a football match, we would like to get that flattering and ooh so chic office look but in the shorts what are easily worn with the trainers over the weekend. I found both of these shorts exactly what I would I add to my wardrobe.

How to style shorts

Blouse // Bag // Shoes

Low-waist or the High-waist

It’s everyone personal choice, but it’s the same as with the jeans. The high waisted style gives you a much more flattering shape than a low waist. If there is something to hide, the high-waist or mid-waist is you your go-to style.

How to style shorts

T-shirt or Here

The Best Colour Choice

For me there is nothing to think about, it would be black for a few reasons. We would like to take a seat whenever we want to, grass or the bench in the park, our clothes shouldn’t be restrictive. Navy would be a great option too, and some of us can’t imagine a summer without white shorts. Everything is good as long as it fits with your wardrobe. Or if you like to experiment a bit, you can go completely in a different direction as your usual style. Shorts are here only for a few months so you can enjoy summer to the fullest.

How to style shorts

Take Them To The Autumn

After a beautiful summer always comes a colourful autumn. But it doesn’t mean you need to pack all your summer clothes under the bed or hide it at the back of the wardrobe. Or at least not yet. Shorts can be easily styled in the autumn, but instead of t-shirts can be layered with the cashmere sweater or with the blazer or denim jacket.

How to style shorts

Do you wear shorts over the summer? Or are you more into dresses and skirts? If you are still not sure that shorts are suitable workwear have a look at my Pinterest to proof they can be really chic choice of outfit.


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