Fall Wardrobe Essentials

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Slowly but surely the nature changing the colours, and we can feel the change as well. The mornings and evenings are crispier and days are shorter then what we would like to see. We enjoyed the summer so much but with the slow approach we entering the fashion favourite season and probably ours as well. We like to test our capsules and we love to layer up. To wear everything and nearly nothing on the one day. That’s fall. And to make that transition smoother and to plan ahead while you still have time I prepared a tiny inspiration what I will pull from the wardrobe to be fall ready. The below items are a standing time fall wardrobe-essentials.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Leather Jacket // Trenchcoat // Blazer // Stripe t-shirt // Sunglasses // Sweater // T-shirts // Black Jeans // Blue Jeans // Knit Short-sleeve Tee // Skirt // Scarf // Tote // Hat // Trainers // Loafers // Mules //

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Every season has some wardrobe staples what we can’t replace and we will wear it all over again and again for the next few months. It’s exactly the same as the fall. Between fashion lovers that season is really popular, they and us as well can show off our full potential. We can layer pieces, we can wear all our basics and enjoy combinations what can’t be expressed that much in the leaving summer season. What can’t miss in your fall wardrobe? Here is what can’t be missed in my fall wardrobe.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials


Who can live without jeans in any season? If you can over the summer, it will be one of the first essential items what you pull ours from your wardrobe.  Good pair of jeans is like a rock of your outfit.


T-shirts are another all-year-round wardrobe staple. They will take you nicely through a whole day of changing weather condition. Wear a sweater or jacket over them for chilly and foggy mornings and evenings.


Recently I fell in love with the short-sleeve knits, and I happily add it to my fall essentials. It is such a versatile piece, and if you get it in the cashmere that will take you far and beyond your expectations. And it’s the same with the light knits. They make a beautiful touch to your everyday wardrobe. The great sweater can be worn on its own or as a mid-layer for colder days.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials


Outerwear is something that you start pulling off from your storage as soon as the temperature drops down to 20. As basics are considered leather jacket, trenchcoat and a great blazer. It’s up to you if you prefer it a bit fitted or lose these pieces will put your outfit together. That’s like a spice in the food. You knew something was missing only when you add it.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials


We are keeping sunglasses in our bags, to be able to wear them, whenever the sun decides to check on us. And to keep the hair under control from the summer sun is great to add a woollen hat, also if you like to play a celebrity hide and seek, that’s the perfect combination. Sunglasses and hat are my go-to accessories. And to keep you stylish and warm it will be the best decision to grab a thick cashmere scarf. Same as you see on all fashionable ladies, and you always secretly wished for one.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials


Last but not least, there are shoes what will change our outfits. Slides and sandals will be swapped for leather trainers and loafers/ballerinas. I found that mules can be a good transitioning choice of shoes. I’ll keep my ankle boots away until late fall.

What do you take out from the storage? Is there anything that you are missing for an upcoming season? What will you add to your fall capsule wardrobe? Let me know in the comments your thoughts and for some more inspiration have a look at my other posts or my Pinterest.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials



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