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Organic – Baby – Wear

WHERE DREAMS ARE REALITY, AND BALLADE IS TRYING EVERYDAY – THERE, HE HAS HAPPENED MAGIC. Dear Eco is a magical story of two women who have combined passion. They have created products that are friendly to infant skin, durable, beautiful and organic. They found inspiration to create the Dear Eco collection in fairy-tale Norway. Natural raw materials and a long tradition of ecological, Scandinavian lifestyle resulted in the creation of a unique brand and unusual products.

IN EVERY DEAR ECO PRODUCT, AS WELL AS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL  BALLADE, YOU WILL FIND PASSION, LOVE AND A HAPPY CONCLUSION. Dear Eco clothes and accessories are sewn from the best available materials. They are ecological, and that means that your baby is safe and sensitive to the sensitive skin. Dressmakers Dear Eco, like fairy-tale fairies create stylish forms, thanks to which the clothes are tasteful and fashionable. Dear Eco team only love good endings, so at the end they will add that, their products are also environmentally friendly.

THE BEAUTY IS IN THE DETAILS … WHAT A REALLY PRINCESS WOULD LIKE TO SET A DRESS WITHOUT A STYLISH SHOES? Of course it is impossible even in a fairy tale! They know how important details are. That’s why they propose original, often unique designs, styles, solutions and print! Dear Eco  want to fulfill every dream of comfort, comfort and beauty. Every day they work hard to make every little princess and little prince enchanted by their fairy tale.

WE KNOW THAT OUR WORLD IS NOT FIGHTING. WE ALSO KNOW THAT TO MAKE IT BETTER THERE ARE GREATEST ACTIONS NEEDED. They give you little support – their ecological bag, which they offer at the cost of its production. They do not derive any profits from the sale of eco bags. But they will be satisfied when they see it on the street with a Dear Eco bag. Let the fairy tale last!


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