Capsule Wardrobe: Stay At Home Mum

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In the previous post, I prepared Spring Capsule Wardrobe, in this post I prepared the capsule wardrobe for stay at home mums. As the first post for stay at home mums was quite a success so this time it will be spring edition. It is not a big difference from the basic spring wardrobe. Mum’s don’t need that many clothes, we just grab what is on top of the pile or first on hand. This is the minimalist style mum wardrobe, casual and comfortable to do a school run, park but good to go and do some meetings as well. Wherever your busy mum’s life takes you, your capsule wardrobe will work hard for you.


Capsule wardrobe for stay at home mum

Brands To Shop From:

OrganicBasics, Rapanui, Les Sublimes, Mika James, ABLE, Baukjen, Everlane, Veja, Mud Jeans, Thought, ABLE, Peoples Collective

What Is Included

As mention above, I included a more relaxed style than in the winter edition. But if you like blouses as I do, you don’t need to change anything. Just swap winter coat for a lighter trench coat. If you’re still refusing to buy a good trench coat, think again. The good trench will last you for years to come, it means good investment, but it levels up even the simplest outfits. It makes you feel worth a million dollars. Lately, I made a switch an included only a few t-shirts to my wardrobe. I don’t need to choose from a huge pile and all of them fit perfectly, suits my body. You might be surprised by the white shirt, but the white shirt is so easy to care for and makes you feel so powerful.

Capsule wardrobe for stay at home mum


Little Swaps

I saw so many mums to wear sweatpants or leggings all the time. Why not go for stretch jeans. It is comfortable but looks much better than leggings. Or what about to swap sweatshirt for a pullover or cardigan? Looks much better without too much effort. What I also noticed, many mums wear ballerina’s shoes, for me its a big mistake for our feet. Shoes with a proper sole look better and your back will thank you for it.

Capsule wardrobe for stay at home mum

Colours To Go For

I always include basics: white, black, grey and shades of blue. From prints, I am into stripes. Intentionally I chose the brighter colours for the spring capsule wardrobe. Probably just because days are brighter and we feel happier. Whatever you like, will fit perfectly in your capsule wardrobe. Spring is the perfect time to play with colours and prints. Just don’t let it go too far, stick with great basics and include only print or colour what really suits you or you feel good at. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money.

Capsule wardrobe for stay at home mum


What is your go-to outfit for a school runs? What did you include in your spring capsule? Let me know in the comments.

And if you like more inspiration how to style basics or how to build your perfect capsule wardrobe check my Pinterest. And for more sustainable brands check my Instagram.

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