Capsule Wardrobe My Way – A Year Without Shopping Challenge April Update

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Here we come again. Another month is over and I am thinking about my ” better me ” wardrobe and challenge. If you don’t know what my challenge is all about, you can check it here.

Capsule Wardrobe challenge


Ups and Downs

At the beginning of the month, I felt little overwhelmed with all the people going shopping because the weather was getting slightly better. I was even tempted to buy something, at least some T-shirts, but then I just quickly walked away. I still have a few unworn t-shirts. I walked away. Really good. Except for that little tiny moment I had no urge to buy anything.

Proper Use of My Clothes

As the weather getting warmer I pulling out more pieces and leaving behind the winter uniform, but already thinking how difficult it will be at the end of the year. I running low on socks, T-shirts getting stained ( my baby burbs quite a lot ), and jeans getting used a lot. I still didn’t throw anything, except socks, but some items will have to go soon. I am really looking forward what autumn will bring and how challenging it will be.

Benefits of this challenge

Except giving me more and more space all over my wardrobe also saves us quite a bit of money. Very good feeling.

It gave me more time to work in the evenings, build my business and improve my photography skills. What I am the happiest about.

Capsule Wardrobe challenge


What did I Buy

In April I sold few items on eBay, it gave me some extra money to spent on bits and pieces on my website. I bought Microsoft Word for Mac, Photoshop, and Tripod.

If you like to read about my progress month by month you can find it here and here and let me know if you could do without shopping for a year.

Capsule Wardrobe challenge



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