A Week In Dresses and Skirts

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Slowly but surely life is getting back to normal. It can mean something else for everyone, for me it looks like it’s getting back to travelling. To make it a bit more interesting and to have fun while I travel, I decided to pack only dresses and skirts for a week. Not because it was recommended, but I just wanted to challenge my wardrobe and make it work harder for me. And I hope I will inspire you, that to wear only skirts and dresses while you travel is possible. Let’s embrace the week in dresses and skirts.

A Week In dresses and skirts

Dresses // T-shirts // Tops // Bag // Shoes // Skirt – handmade // Sunglasses 

A Week In Dresses and Skirts

Most of the time I wear jeans and looking tomboyish, but summer challenged me a bit and I pulled out dresses and skirts. And this week I realized how easy is to look effortlessly chic. I fell in love with the comfort of dresses and skirts. They are easier to wear than shorts/pants when you like to be put together or you just want to feel better in any situation.

A Week In dresses and skirts


The dress on its own creates the outfit, so you should add a perfect fit and style to your capsule wardrobe if you didn’t do it until now. Add comfortable shoes for a day look, trainers for a weekend or heels for a night out or work and you can beat the day.

A Week In dresses and skirts


Trends are changing, so we do, what is great and natural. But if we choose the fabric and a simple cut and style the good skirt can take us far. Same as the dresses it can be dressed up or dressed down. I love to wear skirts with the simple t-shirt for an everyday look and with the silk top for more dressed up look or for hot summer days.

A Week In dresses and skirts


As this should be a little guide on what to pack or what to wear for a week, the t-shirts are important items on the list. They make dressing a bit easier. Choose one what you feel the best in, suits your shape and needs. The staple of your basic everyday wardrobe shouldn’t be left behind when you travel.

A Week In dresses and skirts


The silk tops can be worn on its own in the summer heat but if you like to wear it longer they make a perfect versatile piece of clothing.  Worn nicely under sweaters.

A Week In dresses and skirts


For a travel light wardrobe, the idea is to take only a single bag. So make it big enough to fit all your clothes in but choose the one what stands for any occasion. What I found really easy when I packed the skirts and dresses that they don’t take that much space as trousers and shorts does.

A Week In dresses and skirts


Same as with the bag the ideal would be to take only a single pair of shoes. But sometimes it’s impossible to wear one and pack another pair. It gives you more options to play around with your simple wardrobe.

Hope I inspired you a bit to wear more dresses and skirts. If you like more inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest or pop to see my other capsule wardrobe outfits. But mostly enjoy the rest of the summer.

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