4 Styles Of Spring Shoes

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We still patiently for spring to make it a big appearance but unfortunately we have to dream about the warmer weather for a few more days. But at least we can get ourselves ready and step into the spring in the most glamorous way we can. So while we still patiently waiting let’s browse for the best spring shoes that will cover us for the next few months and later in the fall helps us to smoothly transition to colder days. If we have a full spring capsule sorted and we browsing for a new pair or two of shoes, take a seat and have a look at my shoe closet what I’ll be wearing in the coming months. Those are my 4 styles of spring shoes that I wear all the time.

4 styles of spring shoes

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4 Styles of Spring Shoes

Let me show you my favourite shoes what I set up as my most worn and most suitable types of shoes for my capsule wardrobe. These shoes are really simple all leather and in neutral colour. I love shoes, that’s really my weakness, but over few years I realized, like with everything else I prefer simple style in black colour. But sometimes I am drawn to a really bright pumps. A bit of colour just spice up the outfit when I feel for it. Anyway all my shoes are also leather as I made a promise to myself to buy a higher priced shoes but in a good quality what lasts me for longer. I highly recommend it as my boots are already 5 years old and my loafers coming to 2 year as I wear them nearly daily. With all of this in mind I paired down my spring shoe collection to 4 pairs that I wear on repeat.

4 styles of spring shoes

Skirt // T-shirt // Jacket // Bag // Loafers

My Spring Shoes Capsule Wardrobe

As with everything in our capsule wardrobe shoes shouldn’t be neglected. That’s the part of your capsule wardrobe where you should spend the most money on the best possible shoes what you can get. There are many options to get a good quality shoes but cheaper, in UK my personal favourite is a TK Maxx in US it’s TJ Maxx. Or look for a sales, even at the end of the season, you will have a brand new pair of shoes for the next year at the bargain price. I do that as I already mentioned I go for the shoes what lasts and I get them in a neutral colour. In my spring capsule wardrobe are pair of trainers, loafers, mules and slingbacks. First three styles were in my wardrobe for a long time, just repeatly buy them once they are worn out, but slingbacks are a new style what I added last year. I used to wear pumps, what was great option as well, I just loved the looked of the pumps and versatility. Also the kitten heel looks much better on the slingbacks then on the pumps, my personal opinion.

4 styles of spring shoes


Pair of trainers is a must in the wardrobe. They are perfect choice for  a weekend but they sneaked in to the offices as well. I personally love to wear them with the smart black trousers and a black tee. They look super sleek with the blazer as well. Definetely a no brainer in the capsule wardrobe.

4 styles of spring shoes


Loafers are my second favourite option for a spring. I used to wear ballerinas for while, as I was following trend 🙁 but those shoes just weren’t me. I prefer more structured shoes with a nice detail. Loafers has that. They are still nice an sleek with a pointy toe, but with the comfort of a flat sole. They look great with jeans but also with skirts and dresses.

4 styles of spring shoes


First time when mules became popular I didn’t find anything interesting about them. But later I wanted to try a pair what was all around the internet. I know following a trend again. I bought a pair of mules at H&M, they weren’t leather but I like the look of them, at the beggining they were so uncomfortable but at the end they lasts me for 3 years and I worn them almost daily. I fell in love with that style. They are easy to wear with anything and I like that the style is suitable for all kind of weather. I wear the mules as soon as the sun’s come out and they are a bit warmer until late September. This year I got myself 2 pairs. A pair of flat mules and second pair with the tiny heel to try it on. As I know I’ll wear them a lot it was a good choice for me.

4 styles of spring shoes


Last but not least is my new choice of shoes. I got them in black and nude, as they were a replacement of my pumps in the same colours. I like to wear them when I want to add a bit of girly touch to my outfit or simply with all dresses and skirts ( by all I mean 2 dresses and 2 skirts 🙂 ). So far they work really well.

4 styles of spring shoes

What’s your spring shoes choice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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4 styles of spring shoes



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