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Wishlist: Spring/Summer

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Are you getting bored or uninspired with your capsule wardrobe? Do you feel like you are missing something in your capsule wardrobe as summer is approaching? I prepared a little inspiration how to refresh your wardrobe with a few pieces. I share my spring/summer wishlist to help you get a spark in your wardrobe.

Spring/Summer Wishlist

Silk Top / Crossbody Bag / Embroider Top / Jeans

Spring/Summer Wishlist

I am sure you all came to the expression of a 5-piece French wardrobe. Whole idea is to add only 5 pieces to your wardrobe. You can make it by each season separately – spring, summer, fall and winter or by a fashion seasons – only twice a year Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Last year when I was going through my own shopping challenge I was thinking what would I add to my wardrobe. I don’t want to go over the board and keep it minimal as much as possible. So I would add only 4 pieces.

Spring/Summer Wishlist



There is never enough tops for a summer. Right? So I went for a classic timeless style what I can wear in the colder months, layered under knit and one trendy piece to refresh a wardrobe with something eye catching.


Until now I had only one pair of black jeans. So lately I started to look for something in lighter colour and in a looser fit. Straight fit jeans is the direction what I go for this year.

Spring/Summer Wishlist

Leather JacketPumps


I don’t really need a new bag, but I discover a new sustainable brand and I would love to get a this bag. It is kind of bag what you need in your capsule wardrobe as it can cover so many life occasions.

Outfit Inspiration

I couldn’t skip this part as it is one of my most favourite.  I included a pieces from my wish list to style them with the basics in our capsule wardrobes.

Spring/Summer Wishlist

Tote Bag / Mules / Jeans

What would you add to your spring/summer wardrobe and how would you style this pieces? Please let me know in the comments or share the content with others by pinning, so we can inspire each other.  If you need a bit more inspiration for summer style find it on my Pinterest.


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