• Sustainable brand Organic Basics Review

    Sustainable Brand: Organic Basics Review

    Since I created a capsule wardrobe I am more careful what items enter my wardrobe. As everyone says quality over quantity, but what does it mean? Every item in your capsule wardrobe needs to work hard for you, it shouldn’t be thrown away after a few wears. This is exactly why I fell in love with OrganicBasics. I would never think of a simple looking t-shirt can be so soft and work hard for you. To make your decisions easier I decided to review Organic Basics products.   Sustainable Brand Organic Basics Review I was so excited when the package arrives, I was expected it nicely wrapped in a paper…

  • Where to shop sustainable underwear

    Where To Shop: Sustainable Underwear

    Many people say they don’t have a problem to find sustainable clothes but they struggle to find great sustainable underwear what does looks sexy but still is comfy. I put together this few brands what are feminine, comfortable and sustainable. GOD SAVE QUEENS COUNTRY: POLAND Sexy sustainable brand made in Poland by designer Karolina Bernaciak. Every piece is produce and hand finished in Poland. The brand is well known for their ultra-feminine and sensual lingerie. It became famous when Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian chose to wear GSQ. Not a long time ago the brand started to produce a swimwear as well. GSQ underwear can be worn not just as…

  • TSF by Katarina

    Sustainable Brand: TSF by Katarina

      COUNTRY: UK Hello there, I would like to introduce you to my shop. Interested in fashion I started blog The Shorties Fashion. A few years later when my daughter was born, I wanted to find something special for her. Just to look unique to everyone else. She got some nice hand knitted and hand crocheted items from my mother-in-law. At that point, I came with the idea to TAKE STEP FURTHER and design my own handmade goods. For now, we make clothes in sizes  Newborn – 4 years. By purchasing our items you support small businesses and stay at home mums in Slovakia. UPDATE: SHOP IS CURRENTLY ON SALE.…

  • Sustainable Brand - Organic Basics

    Sustainable Brand: Organic Basics

    COUNTRY: DENMARK Ok, you created your minimal capsule wardrobe, your mind changed. But you still missing something. You would like to find sustainable basic as well. Look no further OrganicBasics is your brand to go for.     Basically, Better Made Organic Basics was created in 2015 by four Danish guys who wanted to change. Who was tired of regularly buying, wearing, washing, and throwing away an overpriced big branded underwear? They thought it was unsustainable, bad for the environment, and a big waste of the time and money. The Sustainable Model Sustainable fashion is not just a trend, it’s how we’re going to build our future. We think that…

  • Sustainable Brand: KOKORI

    Sustainable Brand: Kokori

    COUNTRY: UNITED KINGDOM   The brand “KOKORI” draws its name from an old-lovely café of Xanthi ’s old town in Greece. Beginning Of The Journey KOKORI is a blossoming girl’s wear brand for 2 to 12 years old girls. Established in 2016 in London UK, after many years of dreaming and researching. Clothes KOKORI/ Shoes TSF by Katarina The Mission The ethos is simply to make children happy and feel unique in their own way. KOKORI wants children to have an intuitive bond with the garments, a bond that will live long with them and form dreams that will carry them to their adultness. The aim is to produce garments…

  • Sustainable Brand: Jesse Kamm

    Sustainable Brand: Jesse Kamm

    COUNTRY: USA   I came to this incredible brand browsing the Pinterest. First I was hooked on the jacket what I saw and I wanted to find out more. And then I couldn’t stop reading. Jesse Kamm the designer and owner of this brand has an incredible life, not just by designing clothes and having her own business but the way as she lives. She enjoys the life to the fullest with the minimalist approach. She reflects her life ideology in the clothes what she presents to us. The Begging Of The Journey Her creative life started at an early age in rural Illinois. She grew up in a Swiss…

  • Grøn & White

    Sustainable Brand: Grøn & White

    COUNTRY: USA Grøn + White is an online concept store focusing on Scandinavian style and lifestyle. If you love the clean, streamlined Nordic look so much you came to the right spot. And if you would like to create that cosy, simple aesthetic in your own home Grøn + White get it all. Where does it comes from Grøn + White offer Scandinavian home designs from both well-established brands such as Menu, Ferm Living and Normann Copenhagen as well as independent designers such as Moebe, Silke Bonde, (By) Garmi, Anne Linde and Gurilla.  With frequent trips to Denmark, they are always on the look for the latest design or designer. As well, with a…

  • Eco-Friendly Essential Oil Fragrance

    Sustainable Brand: Lite+Cycle

    COUNTRY: USA Begging of the journey Creates biotic essential oil fragrances that magnify values of purity, honesty, lite, and beauty. Founded in 2013 by artist Kristi Head, with the intention of illuminating healthier fragrance practices, each fragrance is pristine and artful. No synthetics, toxic additives or hidden fragrance chemicals are ever used. LITE They believe in shedding light on healthier fragrance practices by eliminating synthetic substances and disclosing all fragrance ingredients. We choose ingredients that sit lightly on the planet and on our bodies. CYCLE   They believe in the flow of creativity and connectivity of all beings. They give back to the global communities that help them thrive. They believe in the…

  • Stella & Dot

    Sustainable Brand: Stella & Dot

    COUNTRY: USA I was thinking really hard if shall I include the Stella & Dot in a sustainable brand directory. But I love the concept and the mission of this brand so much that I couldn’t resist. After all Stella & Dot support women and all the hard work of craftsmanship in their products. Beginning of journey Stella and Dot is a San Francisco based social selling company that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women. The boutique-style jewellery and accessories line is available exclusively through in-home Style Sessions by Independent Stylists and online. The one of a kind collections are designed by celebrated New York designers and featured in Vogue,…

  • Brands

    Sustainable Brand: The Ultimate Green Store

    COUNTRY: USA As the ultimate web-based destination for eco-conscious shoppers, The Ultimate Green Store provides a collection of many of the finest environmentally friendly products for you, your home and family! They also have an incredible collection of gifts for any occasion and you may personalize your shopping experience by creating a wishlist or gift registry for your special event! The Mission of The Ultimate Green Store   The mission is to provide products that, simply put, are made a better way. They recognize the importance of sustainable practices, production and social responsibility. The products they carry are green in a number of ways – natural, organic, recycled, eco-friendly goods-…