• Capsule Wardrobe for hot climate
    Capsule Wardrobe

    Capsule Wardrobe For Hot Climate

    How do you feel after so many weeks, months in the lockdown? Do you still feel inspired or a bit down? I feel a bit tired and with a lack of inspiration. We went through big changes lately, after settling down with our current situation and life I feel a bit down, and for a need of a break. It was same with today post, I thought I will skip it as I had not much to tell you and inspire you with. But then I read something that gave me a little kick. Most of the time I prepare outfits, what I think suits all kind of climate, but…

  • How to add colour to your wardrobe
    How To Style

    How To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

    Happy New Year!! New Year, New you. Not really. But some of us feels that way. I am not one of them, but I would like to do some changes over here.   I plan to do more custom posts, if you have any questions please send me the email. Some ladies did so already and I created posts according to their wishes. I also plan to do more colour wardrobe even it’s not really my style, but many of you like colours. And I know the neutrals doesn’t fit all and if I want to help more ladies to feel their best I need to do something extra. Being…

  • How to wear Puffer Coat
    How To Style

    Puffer Coat

    Recently I received a request to create more posts with the winter style in mind. The request came from a lady who lives in the cold climate when most of the time winter temperatures reach below zero. Living in London I nearly forgot how does it feel to create a fashionable outfit when all you want to do is wrap yourself in the thickest and longest scarf, thick woollen beanie and wear the longest puffer what you can find. But puffer jackets don’t need to be that unfashionable and unflattering any more. I show you how to style your puffer coat this winter to keep you warm and stylish.  …

  • Sustainable brand Organic Basics Review

    Sustainable Brand: Organic Basics Review

    Since I created a capsule wardrobe I am more careful what items enter my wardrobe. As everyone says quality over quantity, but what does it mean? Every item in your capsule wardrobe needs to work hard for you, it shouldn’t be thrown away after a few wears. This is exactly why I fell in love with OrganicBasics. I would never think of a simple looking t-shirt can be so soft and work hard for you. To make your decisions easier I decided to review Organic Basics products.   Sustainable Brand Organic Basics Review I was so excited when the package arrives, I was expected it nicely wrapped in a paper…

  • Eco-Friendly Essential Oil Fragrance

    Sustainable Brand: Lite+Cycle

    COUNTRY: USA Begging of the journey Creates biotic essential oil fragrances that magnify values of purity, honesty, lite, and beauty. Founded in 2013 by artist Kristi Head, with the intention of illuminating healthier fragrance practices, each fragrance is pristine and artful. No synthetics, toxic additives or hidden fragrance chemicals are ever used. LITE They believe in shedding light on healthier fragrance practices by eliminating synthetic substances and disclosing all fragrance ingredients. We choose ingredients that sit lightly on the planet and on our bodies. CYCLE   They believe in the flow of creativity and connectivity of all beings. They give back to the global communities that help them thrive. They believe in the…

  • Brands

    Sustainable Brand: Denise Roobol

    COUNTRY: NEDERLANDS   Beginning of journey After 4 years of studying at the Willem de Kooning Design Academy, Denise developed a strong vision where fashion and nature become closer than ever. With this vision in mind, she decided to start her own a vegan bag & accessory brand. Design Minimalistic and functional design in combination with the usage of vegan materials makes Denise an absolute early bird. She wanted to create something new in order to convince & inspire people showing that fashion accessories can be vegan-friendly. Vegan Materials Denise Roobol only uses high-tech vegan materials coming from the surroundings of Hong Kong, an area that has the lead in…

  • Brands

    Sustainable Brand: Villo Design

    COUNTRY: SLOVAKIA We discovered Villo Design, not a long ago. The team design furniture and toys for kids development and growth. Beginning of journey Villo Design was established in June 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The team target was to fuse fun and play, practically in order to enrich the childhood of kids, as well as easing the role of the parent. The team at Villo Design decided to make high quality design products that are both, a piece of furniture and a toy at the same time. After a long journey, they made many original products in a beautiful design. Toys Design   When children are developing both playful activity…