• Travel Light to Bali in Winter
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    Travel Light To Bali In Winter

      Many of us would like to escape to warmer weather when the winter took the place in the full strength. Some of us are really lucky and work hard for that kind of trip. I was asked to give a hand with the packing. I have done a few travel wardrobes for my own trips and shared it with you, but this one is a bit different as I never been there. I had to consider a few special requests. Here is what I would pack and why. Travel Light To Bali In Winter You don’t need to overpack to such a dreamy destination as Bali and Indonesia are.…

  • Sustainable Easter travel
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    Sustainable Easter Travel

    Living in London means also loads of commute every day. But whenever we have an opportunity to go away we grab our bags and go. Even if it means for a few days. Since I created a capsule wardrobe the packing and travelling are much easier. But lately, I am thinking more and more about the essentials that can help in our everyday life and make our travels more sustainable. I mean coffee on the go, water and even how we pack our luggage. I made a research and found a few items what can really help to keep your sustainable lifestyle on the go.   Trenchcoat, stripe t-shirt /…