Sustainable brands - Basic apparel

Sustainable Brand: Basic Apparel

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Back in 2013, Basic Apparel was founded. This was the start of an exciting journey – and it still is. The idea was to create clothes, that people would use again and again. They wished to create that piece of clothes, that you continually grab from your closet because that particular piece makes you feel most comfortable. It was and still is, clothes like that, they are creating for the customers and themselves.

Sustainable brands - Basic apparel

Clothes – Basic Apparel / Shoes and Bag – Everlane/ Hat – Vitamin A/ Sunglasses – Proof Eyewear

Furthermore, they wanted to give the brand a clean Scandinavian expression – good basic clothing with few details, made with good qualities and reasonable prices.

The mission is to create good basic clothing that works across collections, generations, tendencies and brands.

They want to work against the flood of fast fashion and create slow fashion instead. Fashion that lives more than one season, simply because it’s everybody’s favourite clothing.


Sustainable brands - Basic apparel


The philosophy was and still is – there is no need to make it harder than it is, which makes the brand simple and basic.

They design every style themselves and only get the clothes produced at places they feel safe travelling to. The team visit the manufacturers many times a year, to ensure that the working environment and the clothes meet the brand standards.

Basic Apparel team are proud to be represented in the following markets so far: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, England and Israel.
Basic Apparel is built on a foundation of honesty and transparency between suppliers, customers, agents and colleagues. The team consists of 5 independent, strong women who all embrace the mission and actively participates in the culture, by bringing bold and original ideas to the table.

Sustainable brands - Basic apparel




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