• Sustainable Easter travel
    Travel Light

    Sustainable Easter Travel

    Living in London means also loads of commute every day. But whenever we have an opportunity to go away we grab our bags and go. Even if it means for a few days. Since I created a capsule wardrobe the packing and travelling are much easier. But lately, I am thinking more and more about the essentials that can help in our everyday life and make our travels more sustainable. I mean coffee on the go, water and even how we pack our luggage. I made a research and found a few items what can really help to keep your sustainable lifestyle on the go.   Trenchcoat, stripe t-shirt /…

  • Sustainable brands - Basic apparel

    Sustainable Brand: Basic Apparel

    Back in 2013, Basic Apparel was founded. This was the start of an exciting journey – and it still is. The idea was to create clothes, that people would use again and again. They wished to create that piece of clothes, that you continually grab from your closet because that particular piece makes you feel most comfortable. It was and still is, clothes like that, they are creating for the customers and themselves. Clothes – Basic Apparel / Shoes and Bag – Everlane/ Hat – Vitamin A/ Sunglasses – Proof Eyewear Furthermore, they wanted to give the brand a clean Scandinavian expression – good basic clothing with few details, made…

  • Capsule Wardrobe - Bags
    Capsule Wardrobe

    Capsule Wardrobe: Bags

    In the morning I am standing in front of the mirror and keep rethinking my outfit. Is this bag goes with everything else, or the colour is not just right? It looks too summery. You know what I am trying to say. It was me a few years ago as well. Until I realized I don’t need that many bags. I am quite lazy to swap around all my belongings from one handbag to another and what is it good for to keep rethinking the whole outfit just because of the bag? So I made a change. I have worn out all of my handbags, ok not quite there yet…

  • Weekend away in spring
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    Travel Light: Weekend Away In Spring

    As the weather gets better most of us thinking about the little gateway, just to run away from everyday reality. Why not plan a weekend away and spend it by doing nothing feeling refresh and ready to conquer the world. Plan ahead and don’t over pack. You will have less stress to choose the right outfit if you pack only a few items from your perfectly streamed capsule wardrobe. Stripe T-shirt, Sweater / Vest, Jeans, Trenchcoat, Loafers, Bag/ Bra / Sunglasses – get $20 off with this link / Hat/ Trainers / Scarf Travel Light For Weekend in Spring You excitedly booked your flight, train or just a hotel and…

  • Capsule Wardrobe- Shoes
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    Capsule Wardrobe: Shoes

    We always see the perfect pictures of capsule wardrobes. We create outfits and choosing accessories to accomplish the outfits. But what about the shoes? How many shoes capsule wardrobe have you seen? Honestly not many. I always comes to definition of to own as few as possible. Is it healthy? Is it enough?     Shoes Capsule Wardrobe Not that long ago, we were moving houses, I realized I had 31 pairs of shoes. Might be not that many for some of you might be too many for others. For me it was the number what I had not a problem with. But I started to think. Do I really…

  • Capsule wardrobe for stay at home mum
    Capsule Wardrobe,  How To Style

    Capsule Wardrobe: Stay At Home Mum

    In the previous post, I prepared Spring Capsule Wardrobe, in this post I prepared the capsule wardrobe for stay at home mums. As the first post for stay at home mums was quite a success so this time it will be spring edition. It is not a big difference from the basic spring wardrobe. Mum’s don’t need that many clothes, we just grab what is on top of the pile or first on hand. This is the minimalist style mum wardrobe, casual and comfortable to do a school run, park but good to go and do some meetings as well. Wherever your busy mum’s life takes you, your capsule wardrobe…

  • Spring Capsule Wardrobe
    Capsule Wardrobe,  Lifestyle

    Capsule Wardrobe: Spring

    As days getting longer and warmer, we are starting to let layers go and start to think about the spring capsule wardrobe. I created all year round capsule wardrobe last year thanks to my No shopping challenge, and this time I just picked the warmer weather pieces what I will be wearing on repeat. This few pieces is all I need to get me through the transitional weather. Actually, I would add sweater, what I completely forgot about when I wear it just occasionally these days. Where To Shop: Baukjen, Everlane, ShopBasics, Veja, Mud Jeans, Thought, ABLE, Peoples Collective What To Add In January I bought a few pieces what I…

  • How To Style White T-shirt
    Capsule Wardrobe,  How To Style

    How To Style: White T-Shirt

    White t-shirt. Such an easy everyday essential. Counted as a basic in everyone’s wardrobe but many times underestimated. Why is so? White t-shirt takes place in everyone’s wardrobe some of us wear it more often than others. But it is there and always will be. A cotton t-shirt always takes place as one of the staples.   Where to shop: Everlane, OrganicBasics- get 15€ off with code PRETACOLLECTIONOBC2 , Rapanui Clothing, Dorsu, Baukjen, Mika Jaymes – 20% off and free shipping on the first order with code KEEP20 How To Style White T-Shirt Can be worn casually or dress up for a big meeting. Wear it with jeans, smart pants, blazer, or skirts.…

  • Where to shop sustainable underwear

    Where To Shop: Sustainable Underwear

    Many people say they don’t have a problem to find sustainable clothes but they struggle to find great sustainable underwear what does looks sexy but still is comfy. I put together this few brands what are feminine, comfortable and sustainable. GOD SAVE QUEENS COUNTRY: POLAND Sexy sustainable brand made in Poland by designer Karolina Bernaciak. Every piece is produce and hand finished in Poland. The brand is well known for their ultra-feminine and sensual lingerie. It became famous when Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian chose to wear GSQ. Not a long time ago the brand started to produce a swimwear as well. GSQ underwear can be worn not just as…

  • How To Style Wide leg pants
    How To Style,  Wardrobe

    How To Style: Wide Leg Pants

    Lately, I see more and more of wide leg pants in the streets and in the magazines. It looks like a skinny trend is over and we moved to more relaxed styles. It is probably the trend coming and going, but I can tell I have my smart black wide-leg pants for over 10 years and I never felt like I am out of fashion in them. I guess it depends on the style and personal preferences. If I chose the one in bright colours I definitely wouldn’t wear them for that long. Wide-leg pants or here/ stripe top/ Heels / sunglasses/ Leather jacket / white tee/ Where to shop: Baukjen,…