How To Style White T-shirt
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How To Style: White T-Shirt

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White t-shirt. Such an easy everyday essential. Counted as a basic in everyone’s wardrobe but many times underestimated. Why is so? White t-shirt takes place in everyone’s wardrobe some of us wear it more often than others. But it is there and always will be. A cotton t-shirt always takes place as one of the staples.

How To Style White T-shirt


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How To Style White T-Shirt

Can be worn casually or dress up for a big meeting. Wear it with jeans, smart pants, blazer, or skirts. Whatever you think of wear your t-shirt with it. With the white t-shirt, there are no borders on how to style it or where to wear it. I found the most difficult to find the style that suits you the best.

What Kind Of Material

Most of the time its cotton, but even cotton can be thicker or thinner. What thickness you choose it depends on the fit you prefer. Thicker cotton looks more dressed up, it is less see-through and looks the best on classic crew neck styles. Thinner cotton looks great on looser styles, is more see-through and V-neck tees look amazing in thinner cotton.  Lately, I see popping more and more linen t-shirts. Great option for summer.


How To Style White T-shirt

What Style

When I did my shopping challenge I learned the most suitable fit for me is the V-neck style, my small frame looks leaner, doesn’t cut me around the neck and in looser style makes me feel and look skinnier. If you don’t have preferences ( V-neck, crew neck, U-neck, boat neck …) and you would like to pick the best fit for your you can either try more options and see how it looks like on your body or you can check my Pinterest board How to style your body shape. If you wear a t-shirt for work it’s better if you go for a crew neck, keep it more professional and not cheap looking.

Outfit Inspiration

I created a few collages to show you that where ever you wear the t-shirt it will be appropriate and it won’t let you down. Invest in your white t-shirt and take good care of it to make it last.

Did you find your perfect white t-shirt? Is it the best what could you find or are you still unsure about the white t-shirt? Let me know in the comments.


How To Style White T-shirt

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