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I always dreamed of working from home. To have a simple office, not too big but dedicated space created just for me. As this unexpected situation locked more people at home forced to work from home we are looking for a bit of room where to place a small spare office desk or we browsing the websites to quickly purchase one. I ended up in the same situation, we had to leave our apartment where I had a tiny corner of mine, where I had everything that I needed and found myself to set up a workspace where I can quietly work from home. I round up a few budget-friendly home office necessities to make your space your own and be productive.

home office

Desk, Mirror, Chair // Notebooks // Rug, Plants 

Home Office

As a true minimalist, I want to use everything that is already at home. It can be re-purposed, as my mum’s old sewing machine.  If you have an old table what you wanted to dispose of for a while now, think again, it can get a fresh new coat and used as a centrepiece for your new home office. You could save some money and create less waste in that way. Win-win.

Dining chair can be used as an office chair at least for a while, and some rug can be placed underneath the table to make it a bit cosier together with the little plants. They also add the structure and colour to your comfortable working place.

I choose the mirror to double the size of the room so we don’t feel like in the small box.

What to do instead of shopping

Vintage or Modern Style

It is everyone’s personal decision. I love white interiors but opted for a bit of colour at that time as it warms up place. When you style vintage with a modern piece it will create uniqueness and a personal touch. You can find loads of inspiration on Pinterest and I picked something for you as well.  Over here I found a nice round-up of vintage and small offices.

Home Office


Whatever style you go for, make it yours, where you going to love to spend your days, afternoons or evenings. Where you work or side hustling.


Home Office


For more home office inspiration visit my Pinterest board dedicated to home office decor.

And if you are not able to work from home and you were forced to stay at home, might be this is the time to start something where you can create and be you. To try something that gives you a different point of view and it might be your dream job in the future. Create a website and start shaping your future. SiteGround offers a Webhosting from as little as £0.33/month for 3 months. So there is seriously nothing to lose, you can try it, work on it during the lockdown and if it’s doesn’t work out you can always sell your website. Either way, it is worth to try.


Or if you like to make a bit of room for a spring air try to build your perfect wardrobe by creating a capsule wardrobe. 




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