• A Week In dresses and skirts
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    A Week In Dresses and Skirts

    Slowly but surely life is getting back to normal. It can mean something else for everyone, for me it looks like it’s getting back to travelling. To make it a bit more interesting and to have fun while I travel, I decided to pack only dresses and skirts for a week. Not because it was recommended, but I just wanted to challenge my wardrobe and make it work harder for me. And I hope I will inspire you, that to wear only skirts and dresses while you travel is possible. Let’s embrace the week in dresses and skirts. Dresses // T-shirts // Tops // Bag // Shoes // Skirt –…

  • Travel Light Summer Business Trip
    Capsule Wardrobe,  Travel Light

    Summer Business Trip

    Just recently I had to do a quick work trip. As the situation is really strange and the weather keeps changing all the time my work travel wardrobe was adjusted to this. With the current situation, the business dress code is more relaxed, which makes it easier to pack. Instead of packing black pants, I do well with the jeans. That small change makes travelling light even easier. For the first time, I managed to pack to a tote for 7 days. Here is what I packed for a summer business trip. Short-Sleeve Knit //Black Shirt // Trenchcoat // Dress or here // White Shirt // T-shirts // Jeans //…

  • Travel light Staycation
    Travel Light


    Summer holidays are around the corner and we’ve been thinking about where to spend them. It looks like this year, more than any other, we will choose to spend the holidays in our own countries or even at hour homes. If we have a holiday home, summer house or some sort of vacation home we will probably book it in the calendar as our holidays over there. We will be travelling light for a staycation. Shirt // T-shirt // Dress // Tops // Jeans // Shorts // Bikini // Hat // Bag // Sunglasses // Slides    Travel Light For a Staycation Let’s take it positively. We don’t need to…

  • Travel Light Weekend Away
    Travel Light

    Weekend Away

    We dream about little getaways more than ever. We’ve been home for a while and social distancing got us hard. But it doesn’t mean we can not plan short getaways. We can go for a weekend spent at the chalet, to cabins or summer holiday homes. Find a little inspiration about what I would pack from my capsule wardrobe. All items are exactly the ones what I own and you can find me wearing all the time.   Short Sleeve Knit // T-shirt // Jeans // Leather Jacket // Sweater // Leather Tote // Crossbody Bag // Leather Trainers // Loafers // Sunglasses – $20 off with this link //  Travel…

  • Travel Light Ski trip
    Travel Light

    Ski Trip

    Winter still showing us it’s power and it doesn’t go anywhere yet. Ski trips are in the full swing. And as we have still at least 2 months of the ski season in front of us I wanted to add another post from Travel Light series and especial Winter travel. Ski Trip As an enthusiastic skier and growing up in the mountains this kind of travel is easiest to do for me. If you stay in the chalet and you don’t plan big parties and clubbing you will do fine with only necessary items. Thanks to this post I found a few new sustainable brands what I would like to…

  • Travel Light to Bali in Winter
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    Travel Light To Bali In Winter

      Many of us would like to escape to warmer weather when the winter took the place in the full strength. Some of us are really lucky and work hard for that kind of trip. I was asked to give a hand with the packing. I have done a few travel wardrobes for my own trips and shared it with you, but this one is a bit different as I never been there. I had to consider a few special requests. Here is what I would pack and why. Travel Light To Bali In Winter You don’t need to overpack to such a dreamy destination as Bali and Indonesia are.…

  • Travel Light Winter Travel
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    Winter Travel

    It’s that time of the year when everyone rushing to be outside as short as possible and to get home as soon as possible to be cosy at home again. But winter can be really magical. Thanks to snow outside it look like it is even easier to keep everything minimalistic and clutter-free. But we don’t always feel the same about our style and wardrobe. We take as many layers as possible just not to freeze out. Sometimes our style can feel really cluttered and confused. We can make changes, we can even travel light in winter and I am talking about carry-on only. You don’t think so? I will…

  • A few days in Paris
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    Travel Light: A Few Days In Paris

    Since I was a little girl I knew I will travel the world. Even when I grew up in such a small country as Slovakia is we were lucky enough to travel a lot. My first dream came true when I came to England and then I went to Canada. But I had a list of destinations/cities what I wanted to visit. And as for many of us, Paris is one of them. Even when I worked as a tourist guide I wasn’t lucky enough to visit Paris. But finally, my dream coming closer as we booked a Eurostar train to Paris. I am looking forward to spending a few…

  • Travel light Summer Holidays
    Capsule Wardrobe,  Travel Light

    Travel Light: Summer Holidays

    Summer is in a full swing and I was thinking what would I pack for a week-long beach holiday. The easiest approach to a capsule wardrobe is to create a year-long capsule wardrobe. Most pieces will be suitable to wear at any season of the year. In this case, to pack for your beach holidays will be a breeze.   Top / Dress / Denim Jacket / Denim Shorts / Skirt or here / Bikini or here and you can use code KATARINA15 for 15%off / Silk Top / Straw bag, Hat / Sandals / Duffle Bag /   Travel Light For Summer Holidays Gone are the days when we…

  • Capsule Wardrobe,  Travel Light

    Travel Light: City Break

    From time to time everyone feels the need for a change. The best possible change is to go on a short trip. We often choose a short city break to see a bit of different culture and to break our daily routine. For that kind of trips, we overpack most of the time. In this short post, I prepared inspiration on how to pack light but to cover all possible occasion what you do in a short time. Top / Sweater / Top / Jeans / Trenchcoat / Dress /Shoes / Mules / Tote / Sunglasses  / Duffle Bag Travel Light For a City Break You don’t many clothes to…