• Work Capsule Wardrobe
    Capsule Wardrobe,  Capsule Wardrobe

    Work Capsule Wardrobe

    Not a long time ago I had a request for a work capsule wardrobe. Since I started to work in a corporate office I am the one who has to wear professionally as well. On another hand not all offices are so strict in dress codes, so I prepared more relaxed but still professional work capsule wardrobe. Trenchcoat, Blazer, Sweaters, Shirts, Loafers / Wool Coat  / T-shirt / Shoes / Tote  /Skirt made by me Work Capsule Wardrobe Work wardrobe should be full of high-quality basics as we wear it all the time. It is a wardrobe that can be easily mixed and match and even if you wear the same…

  • Men fall capsule wardrobe
    Capsule Wardrobe

    Men Fall Capsule Wardrobe

    I think my love for capsule wardrobes started back in the school years. I am the second child between two brothers. I think my older brother influenced this. He is the type of person who can wear anything and always will look good in it. He is not fashion orientated but likes items what lasts. And I really like that idea. To buy a few pieces but wear them for longer. I thought my husband to go for better pieces of what he can wear for years. He wasn’t into the clothes and materials as my brother is. But he likes to wear his favourite pieces and having a minimalist…

  • Simple t-shirt
    How To Style

    Simple T-shirt

    Simple plain t-shirt. The piece of clothing that is most of the time understated. But such an important piece of everyone wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down. It looks great with jeans but even with the staple skirt. Let’s style a simple t-shirt. T-Shirt / Jeans, Boots / Leather Jacket / Tote / Pumps  Simple T-Shirt By a simple t-shirt, I mean plain t-shirt without any logos or images. The one what looks really boring at the first sign but actually it’s the most valuable item in your wardrobe. Preferably thicker cotton, not a see-through, it makes it easier to wear to the office under a blazer. If…

  • How to style turtleneck top
    How To Style

    Turtleneck Top

    As a child, I had to wear a turtleneck top and I honestly hated it. Until this year I did not wear tight-fitting turtleneck top, I am not sure if it changed because it is everywhere or it is a part of the grown-up wardrobe, but I felt in love with it. Since I included it in my Fall/Winter wish list I wanted to show you how to style turtleneck top. And it doesn’t matter if it’s tight-fitting or loose, it should be part of your wardrobe. Trust me it is a really versatile piece.   Turtleneck Top / Leather Jacket / Jeans / Bag / Trainers How To Style…

  • How to style the silk skirt
    How To Style

    The Silk Skirt

    Since I created a capsule wardrobe I became resistant to a trends. But as with everything else rules are here to being brake sometimes. It is exactly the same with the silk skirt trend. I just fell in love with the silk skirts. It can be taken as a trend but also it can be considered as a wardrobe staple when it match rest of your wardrobe. For me it will be black. I prepared a bit of inspiration how to style the silk skirt with rest of your minimalist wardrobe. Trainers / Leather Jacket / Sweater How To Style The Silk Skirt If you like the pencil skirts it would…

  • Weekend mood
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    Weekend Mood

    We are having a long weekend and enjoying the sun and summer to the fullest. London weather surprised us with so much sun and blue sky. For those who are not as lucky as we are this weekend I prepared a little inspiration on how to use your capsule wardrobe to the fullest. Here is how to style for a weekend mood even if it’s not a weekend. Blouses and shirts / Tote and Trainers Weekend mood Over the weekend we like to be comfortable and cosy. Easy to move around but be ready for all kind of occasion. Because the weekend can take us from slow morning to brunch…

  • A few days in Paris
    Travel Light

    Travel Light: A Few Days In Paris

    Since I was a little girl I knew I will travel the world. Even when I grew up in such a small country as Slovakia is we were lucky enough to travel a lot. My first dream came true when I came to England and then I went to Canada. But I had a list of destinations/cities what I wanted to visit. And as for many of us, Paris is one of them. Even when I worked as a tourist guide I wasn’t lucky enough to visit Paris. But finally, my dream coming closer as we booked a Eurostar train to Paris. I am looking forward to spending a few…

  • Capsule Warddrobe for Over 50
    Capsule Wardrobe

    Capsule Wardrobe: For Over 50

    Recently my mum stayed with us for a few weeks and that inspired me to write a post to help ladies with older kids to stay stylish.  You have a career in place and grown-up kids, now is the time to slow down, create a capsule wardrobe suitable for you sweet ’50s and enjoy life. I personally think the 50 and over is a great time to overthink your style and create the perfect capsule wardrobe. To be in one circle all the time is essential to own the pieces which are great quality and makes you feel amazing. Trenchcoat or here / Black Dress / Shirt or Oversize /…

  • Add Summer Accessories
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    Capsule Wardrobe: Add Summer Accessories

    Are you enjoying your all-year-round capsule wardrobe but in this hot summer days you feel a bit uninspired with the perfect curated classics what your capsule wardrobe giving you? That problem is easily solved by adding summer accessories to your capsule wardrobe.   Dress / Sandals / Hat / Basket / Sunglasses Add Summer Accessories By adding the right accessories to your capsule wardrobe is the best and easiest option to update your capsule wardrobe. The right accessories will create a completely different look and spice up your everyday look. Top / Jeans or here / Basket or here What Accessories to Add If I feel for a change I…

  • Travel light Summer Holidays
    Capsule Wardrobe,  Travel Light

    Travel Light: Summer Holidays

    Summer is in a full swing and I was thinking what would I pack for a week-long beach holiday. The easiest approach to a capsule wardrobe is to create a year-long capsule wardrobe. Most pieces will be suitable to wear at any season of the year. In this case, to pack for your beach holidays will be a breeze.   Top / Dress / Denim Jacket / Denim Shorts / Skirt or here / Bikini or here and you can use code KATARINA15 for 15%off / Silk Top / Straw bag, Hat / Sandals / Duffle Bag /   Travel Light For Summer Holidays Gone are the days when we…