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    How to Promote and Monetize Your Website

    Pinterest I found Pinterest the most useful platform for my website. I opened the private account a long time ago, but only recently I started to use it for the website as well. I was a bit sceptical, but I cat tell you it really works. Unbelievably in one month, I got 90 000 page views, Yaaay. Now I get the most traffic from Pinterest. The great thing is, that Pinterest is not a social media website it is actually a Seach engine. The content what you post on Pinterest stays for years. Millenials use Pinterest for inspiration but also to shop.   Set up the Pinterest account If you…

  • How to build an online shop
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    How To Build An Online Shop

    A few years ago, when my daughter was born, I decided to build an online shop. I knew nothing about building a website, blog or an online shop. NO IDEA about anything. I started my research and just because I was on a really tight budget I had to come up with the simplest and cheapest solutions. But now I know it wasn’t the best solution. Tell you why. The beginning So as I said I was on a tight budget, so I set up my online shop on tictail.com, which is great for people who just start up and have no extra money at all to spend. Like me.…

  • What to do instead of shopping
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    What To Do Instead of Shopping?

    January flies by like a crazy and I am thinking about what I actually have done. Not much when I am really honest with you. Hopefully, you are not like me. I am sure you are more hands-on and full of ideas. If not I would like to give you some ideas, especialy if you feel lile you are not doing much since you created a capsule wardrobe, you getting your life to organize and having more time thanks to a minimalist approach. I am guessing you are on the way to become a minimalist when you started with the capsule wardrobe. But what to do instead of shopping? What…