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    How to Promote and Monetize Your Website

    Pinterest I found Pinterest the most useful platform for my website. I opened the private account a long time ago, but only recently I started to use it for the website as well. I was a bit sceptical, but I cat tell you it really works. Unbelievably in one month, I got 90 000 page views, Yaaay. Now I get the most traffic from Pinterest. The great thing is, that Pinterest is not a social media website it is actually a Seach engine. The content what you post on Pinterest stays for years. Millenials use Pinterest for inspiration but also to shop.   Set up the Pinterest account If you…

  • How to build an online shop
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    How To Build An Online Shop

    A few years ago, when my daughter was born, I decided to build an online shop. I knew nothing about building a website, blog or an online shop. NO IDEA about anything. I started my research and just because I was on a really tight budget I had to come up with the simplest and cheapest solutions. But now I know it wasn’t the best solution. Tell you why. The beginning So as I said I was on a tight budget, so I set up my online shop on tictail.com, which is great for people who just start up and have no extra money at all to spend. Like me.…

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    How to Build a Website

    I wish someone told me all of this before I decided to start this website or an online store. I did a pretty good research, but mostly in a niche what I like to write about and just a little bit about How to build a website or a blog. There is more to it than just to find a web hosting, the name for a website and a platform where you settle your website. I’ll try to sum it up over here with all useful links to some experts websites which guided me to set it up correctly. It took me 4 months ( and still learning and practising) …