• How to wear beige
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    How To Wear Beige

    Sometimes I am lost when I am looking for inspiration, and then I am so glad when I have such an engaging community. You give me recommendations and ask questions. Not long ago I was asked if I think a beige satin skirt is a good option for autumn. I didn’t include it in my fall capsule wardrobe, but I might end up wearing it a lot. So for a bit of inspiration, I got some beige sweaters and played around with the outfit possibilities and that’s what I came with. Have a look at how I would style a few shades of beige. Turtleneck // Skirt // Trenchcoat //…

  • A Week In dresses and skirts
    Travel Light

    A Week In Dresses and Skirts

    Slowly but surely life is getting back to normal. It can mean something else for everyone, for me it looks like it’s getting back to travelling. To make it a bit more interesting and to have fun while I travel, I decided to pack only dresses and skirts for a week. Not because it was recommended, but I just wanted to challenge my wardrobe and make it work harder for me. And I hope I will inspire you, that to wear only skirts and dresses while you travel is possible. Let’s embrace the week in dresses and skirts. Dresses // T-shirts // Tops // Bag // Shoes // Skirt –…

  • How to style shorts
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    How To Style a Shorts

    I’ve been thinking about what could I style for you this week. Then I realized I mention jeans and jeans outfits in each post, but now when the summer is in the full swing I rarely style shorts, and I wear them most of the time when the weather doesn’t play a game with us. Shorts are great to style as they can be dressed down or dress up as well. If you are not so sure, keep scrolling down to see how I style a pair of shorts. Shorts // Shirt // Flip-flops // Bag // Sunnies How To Style a Shorts Shorts don’t need to be considered as…

  • Travel Light Summer Business Trip
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    Summer Business Trip

    Just recently I had to do a quick work trip. As the situation is really strange and the weather keeps changing all the time my work travel wardrobe was adjusted to this. With the current situation, the business dress code is more relaxed, which makes it easier to pack. Instead of packing black pants, I do well with the jeans. That small change makes travelling light even easier. For the first time, I managed to pack to a tote for 7 days. Here is what I packed for a summer business trip. Short-Sleeve Knit //Black Shirt // Trenchcoat // Dress or here // White Shirt // T-shirts // Jeans //…

  • How to wear a hat
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    How To Wear a Hat

    I’ve been looking for inspiration and I found one thing what everyone includes in their pretty images on Pinterest, but in the real-life, not many people wear it.  Who do you see to wear a hat? Sometimes I feel I am only one of a few. Might be some elderly lady who keeps the old era alive. Or might be some younger girl who likes to stand out. But let’s be honest how many real-life ladies in the best years of life wear the hat? Not many. It might be uncomfortable or strange or it’s just not knowing how to wear it. If that’t the case I put together a…

  • Travel light Staycation
    Travel Light


    Summer holidays are around the corner and we’ve been thinking about where to spend them. It looks like this year, more than any other, we will choose to spend the holidays in our own countries or even at hour homes. If we have a holiday home, summer house or some sort of vacation home we will probably book it in the calendar as our holidays over there. We will be travelling light for a staycation. Shirt // T-shirt // Dress // Tops // Jeans // Shorts // Bikini // Hat // Bag // Sunglasses // Slides    Travel Light For a Staycation Let’s take it positively. We don’t need to…

  • Summer Work capsule wardrobe
    Capsule Wardrobe

    How To Build a Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe

    As the world is slowly getting back to normal and some of us need to return back to office life and work might be we need some inspiration what to wear as we skipped one season completely. But it doesn’t mean we need to go headlessly shopping. Let’s use what we already have, might add some few pieces and enjoy summer to the fullest. The below would be my inspiration for how to build a back to work summer capsule wardrobe. Silk Shirt // Tops // Culottes // Dress // Shoes // Denim Jacket // Tote How To Build a Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe I already prepared some summer wardrobes few…

  • Minimalist summer dresses
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    Minimalist Summer Dresses

    Finally, we reached the summer months and our capsule wardrobes adjusting to the heat. For some of us, it can mean a few months of fashion outfits or for others, it can be a difficult time where we are stuck we the outfits possibilities. And I belong to the ‘ confused ‘ group. I like to feel good and comfortable but also need to look professional. That means tank tops and shorts are out of the game. Until last year when I fell in love with summer dresses, especially minimalist style summer dresses. Florals and frills are not for me. But cotton or linen in the simple design and neutral…

  • Capsule Wardrobe for hot climate
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    Capsule Wardrobe For Hot Climate

    How do you feel after so many weeks, months in the lockdown? Do you still feel inspired or a bit down? I feel a bit tired and with a lack of inspiration. We went through big changes lately, after settling down with our current situation and life I feel a bit down, and for a need of a break. It was same with today post, I thought I will skip it as I had not much to tell you and inspire you with. But then I read something that gave me a little kick. Most of the time I prepare outfits, what I think suits all kind of climate, but…

  • How to style mom jeans
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    How To Style Mom Jeans

    If you fell in love with your capsule wardrobe, you probably have a hard time to find new items to add to your wardrobe. You became really selective, you are more careful with shape, material and style. And that’s my problem as well. Before I would buy whatever I liked, with only a few items having strict criteria. Recently I found trends completely uninterested, but what caught my attention was mom’s jeans. I don’t know why that type of jeans became mine ‘trend’ this year. Jeans // Shirt // Basket // Mules  What Type of Jeans is Mom Jeans Mom jeans are really specific style, they were here at the 90s…