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Capsule Wardrobe My Way – A Year Without Shopping Challenge July Update

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Here we go again. Another month pass by and I am here again to write an update on how it goes my year without shopping.

Capsule Wardrobe challenge July update

Summer minimalism

It’s been a pretty busy and relaxing month. We enjoy our holidays, having loads of fun and focusing on our future. I enjoy the minimalist lifestyle. Three years ago when I spent few weeks at my mum’s house I was so bored, I was left without a car and I felt like I am missing something when I stayed in the countryside all the time. This summer is completely different, I am looking for excuses to stay at home, live in summer uniform aka denim shorts and a tank top and sandals, the most important is I am not missing anything. Nothing at all. My kids are happy where they are enjoying every second of their new summer experience. What I realized the most is kids are the happiest without a stuff, they need adventures and run around.

Summer uniform

Looking forward to our future

I focus on our future. I planned and prepared the most of the paperwork to build a house. All that we need is to “get a green light” to start. Hopefully next year around this time we will be leaving the big city like London is, and we return home to our countryside and start to live fuller and more meaningful life. This year helped me to understand what is more important and it doesn’t matter where you live but how you live and if you can enjoy every minute. I always thought that living in London is cool and fulfilling with endless possibilities, it is kind of true. But I can not wait to move to our own house, with a huge garden and spend summer evenings on the terrace chatting and drinking wine. No distraction from anyone, no cars no sirens. Something what we only can dream of in London.

Benefits of minimalism

Capsule wardrobe

Whoever I say I banned shopping for a whole year, they just look at me full of questions. My female friends say they wouldn’t do it – too hard to do it, and my male friends they showing me as an example to their wives and girlfriends. I can tell it is not hard at all. It is actually fun. And I like the idea of a final result – better quality wardrobe what I will feel good about and actually proud of.

My ideal wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

Blue jeans/Pumps/Tote/ Trainers/ White ShirtSunglasses/ Trenchcoat/ Black Jeans/ Dress or this/Hat/ Jeans Shorts/Blouse/Slip Top/Bikini/Skirt/Black Shorts/Denim Shirt/ White Silk Top/ White T-shirt/Blue Blouse/Cardigan/Blue Shirt/Slip Ons/Sandals


What this challenge giving me

Actually a lot. I learned new things, I gained loads of new skills. A few months ago I wasn’t able to build the website. A few days ago I earned my first affiliate commision thanks to Bluehost web hosting and I booked my first client who I will help to build a webshop and will take care of Pinterest. Everythings goes so well, I am more focus on building a proper online business. I keep learning and staying away from shopping. I plan to launch a Pinterest manager and Pinterest VA services in a few months as well. I finally got a clear direction what I want to do and it nicely gets together. Definitely, this past 7 months was a learning and failing rollercoaster but absolutely worth every second. I am glad I started this challenge what is no more about shopping but about life in general. It just took the different direction.


How I made my first affiliate sale

If you wondering if I bought anything, of course not, but also I can not wait to get some high-quality items to my wardrobe next year. After all, I am a woman who likes luxury items, I just gonna be more careful with my purchases.

Have you ever took any challenge and it actually gave you more than you expected? Let me know in the comments what kind of challenges you take and feel good about.


Capsule Wardrobe challenge July updateate


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