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Capsule Wardrobe – A Year Without Shopping January Update

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I know we are already in mid-February but just being too busy with family and especially our little boy.

Anyway, just a quick update on January shopping fast challenge, what I wrote about here. I managed not to buy anything at all to add to my wardrobe. WOOHOO. I resisted all the sale items and new seasons ones as well. It could be, just because I am still losing my pregnancy weight, so I am constantly pulling out of my closet more and more pieces which getting fit. It is a sort of shopping, but my own closet = a very sustainable way of shopping. What I even realized lately I am losing interest even looking at the new season trendy pieces. I prefer to stick to my wardrobe and browse online for new sustainable brands which offer basis and ethic mind behind.

Outfit Inspiration

I prepared some outfit inspiration. I used similar items to what I own and what I wear. I used only one pair of jeans because I can not fit in more ;).

Capsule Wardrobe My Way

Capsule Wardrobe My Way

Capsule Wardrobe My Way

Where To Shop Sustainably

Everlane/ Baukjen/ Almasanta/ Thought/ Able/ Veja/ OrganicBasics/ Mika Jaymes/ Back Beat-Rags/

Let me know how you getting on with your own New Year resolutions and challenges. Did you manage to stick to it or there are forgotten already?

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