Capsule Warddrobe for Over 50
Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe: For Over 50

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Recently my mum stayed with us for a few weeks and that inspired me to write a post to help ladies with older kids to stay stylish.  You have a career in place and grown-up kids, now is the time to slow down, create a capsule wardrobe suitable for you sweet ’50s and enjoy life. I personally think the 50 and over is a great time to overthink your style and create the perfect capsule wardrobe. To be in one circle all the time is essential to own the pieces which are great quality and makes you feel amazing.

Capsule Warddrobe for Over 50

Trenchcoat or here / Black Dress / Shirt or Oversize / Stripe Tee / Jeans / Sleeveless top / Mules / Pointy shoes / Leather Tote

Capsule Wardrobe For Over 50

I’ve shopped for my mum since I earned my first money. Not because I had to, just because I love clothes and when I saw something that would suit her I just bought it. Even long before I used to clean her closet as most of her clothes had sentimental value to her. For me, it was easier to let these clothes go. But she made a proper cleanout and created a  statement style after she turned 50. We were all old enough to take care of ourselves and she could concentrate on herself. So ladies don’t be afraid to make a change and to look after yourself. Now is your term.


Capsule Warddrobe for Over 50

What Is Essential

The basic wardrobe is the same at every age. But this basics should be your core wardrobe and might be even the whole wardrobe. Ladies, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment but keeps the looks to the basics and neutral colours. This way you can add extra colour or accent accessories and you won’t look like you lost your mind and tried too hard. And the most important is to keep your clothes well fitted and tailored made – it would be ideal. No baggy clothes are allowed in a perfect wardrobe. You don’t need to impress anyone by following a fashion trends!

Capsule Warddrobe for Over 50

Necessary Items

The basics are the same for any age, but the fit is more essential. No one can see the size label on your clothes, you can even cut it off if you’ll feel better, but everyone sees how the clothes fit. Build your perfect well-fitted wardrobe and include:

White Button-Down Shirt – wear with everything and everywhere. Tighter fit gives you a more polished look but if you don’t feel comfortable swap it to a looser fit with the statement accessories.

Blouse – looks better than a t-shirt and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Short-Sleeve/Sleeveless Top – sleeveless top shouldn’t be a spaghetti top.

Bretton Stripe Top – looks amazing in any age wardrobe.

Straight Mid/High Waist Jeans – as you never can live without them. Looks amazing with the heels or flats. And well-fitted blazer makes them look professionally chic.

Skirts – if you don’t wear work pencil skirt all the time than a great option is a full skirt or anything with the length a few centimetres under the knee.

Trousers – you know what fits the best, but always got for High-waist or Mid-waist.

Little Black Dress – in any shape as long as they are not too short

Blazer/ Trenchcoat / Winter coat – all of them should be in great shape and fit and suitable to wear with a skirt, dress or jeans.

Accessories – a silk scarf, wool scarf, a few jewellery, everyday tote and an evening bag

Shoes – you don’t need painful shoes to look good. Flats or low heels are chic. Comfortable shoes are a must.


So, ladies, do you think is it the right time to be a bit selfish and take care of yourself? You built your career and a family. Did you build your capsule wardrobe yet? Let me know how it goes in the comments or if you need help I am here to help. Or if you looking to add some stylish long-lasting pieces have a look at my shop.

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