Hello hello,

I launched this community for the love of small businesses, small shops, sustainable living, fashion and living a minimalist lifestyle.

Because of the big interest in all of this, I started my own children fashion brand when my daughter was born. I wanted something different from the fairness and uniqueness behind.

On this way, I found many business owners and go-getters from all around the world. With the idea to make it easier for all of us I created this community. Simply to introduce amazing sustainable small businesses at one place and connect with more people with the same interest.

To offer a visual site and connection with the customers I create collages to show the possibilities of your outfits incorporating sustainably made clothes. To show you that made ethically and sustainably doesn’t need to be boring or boho.

For all lovers of minimalists style and sustainably made I building a collection made of finest quality for the wardrobe what lasts years to come. You can shop it here.


Enjoy and see you soon.