• Travel light Staycation
    Travel Light


    Summer holidays are around the corner and we’ve been thinking about where to spend them. It looks like this year, more than any other, we will choose to spend the holidays in our own countries or even at hour homes. If we have a holiday home, summer house or some sort of vacation home we will probably book it in the calendar as our holidays over there. We will be travelling light for a staycation. Shirt // T-shirt // Dress // Tops // Jeans // Shorts // Bikini // Hat // Bag // Sunglasses // Slides    Travel Light For a Staycation Let’s take it positively. We don’t need to…

  • Summer Work capsule wardrobe
    Capsule Wardrobe

    How To Build a Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe

    As the world is slowly getting back to normal and some of us need to return back to office life and work might be we need some inspiration what to wear as we skipped one season completely. But it doesn’t mean we need to go headlessly shopping. Let’s use what we already have, might add some few pieces and enjoy summer to the fullest. The below would be my inspiration for how to build a back to work summer capsule wardrobe. Silk Shirt // Tops // Culottes // Dress // Shoes // Denim Jacket // Tote How To Build a Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe I already prepared some summer wardrobes few…

  • Minimalist summer dresses
    How To Style

    Minimalist Summer Dresses

    Finally, we reached the summer months and our capsule wardrobes adjusting to the heat. For some of us, it can mean a few months of fashion outfits or for others, it can be a difficult time where we are stuck we the outfits possibilities. And I belong to the ‘ confused ‘ group. I like to feel good and comfortable but also need to look professional. That means tank tops and shorts are out of the game. Until last year when I fell in love with summer dresses, especially minimalist style summer dresses. Florals and frills are not for me. But cotton or linen in the simple design and neutral…