• Spring Capsule Wardrobe
    Capsule Wardrobe

    Spring Capsule Wardrobe

    We are going through the most difficult time of all times. Most of us never experienced pandemic. Instead of going crazy that most countries being lockdown I would like to encourage you to stay at home and do the kind of stuff what you had no time to do until now. This is a good reason to slow down and look around, to explore more about minimalism, to live with what you have and might be this is a good time to challenge yourself with a shopping ban. It is only for a few days but it can be a good start. Small steps take you far. This is also…

  • Sustainable brand Balmonds Review

    Sustainable Brand: Balmonds Review

    Being a minimalist is my through self, and I am so glad that lifestyle became a ‘ trend ‘.  As I cleared our house from unnecessary stuff and finally, I got comfortable in my own clothes and style, I wiped out my bathroom cabinet and make-up bag, looking for products what can be used in multiple ways. I found all of this in Balmonds SkinSalvation. So I partnered with the Balmonds family and would like to introduce you to their amazing sustainable brand and a Balmonds best selling and all-around moisturizer. Sustainable Brand Review – Balmonds How It All Started Belmonds brand began with a mother so desperate to find…

  • Spring/Summer wish list

    Wish List Spring/Summer

    We slowly rolled to March what is actually the first month of spring in the lunar calendar. With this unbeatable fact I went through my wardrobe and marked what I miss or what would I like to add to my spring/summer wardrobe. As Autumn/ Winter wish list helped a lot with through the planning process I created a Spring/Summer wish list as well. To shop intentionally and without any overspending purchases. Silk Shirt / Blazer / Leather Flats / Silk Skirt Spring / Summer Wish List I will be adding only a few items to my capsule wardrobe. Some of them will be replaced by already disposed pieces. Some pieces…