• Travel Light to Bali in Winter
    Travel Light

    Travel Light To Bali In Winter

      Many of us would like to escape to warmer weather when the winter took the place in the full strength. Some of us are really lucky and work hard for that kind of trip. I was asked to give a hand with the packing. I have done a few travel wardrobes for my own trips and shared it with you, but this one is a bit different as I never been there. I had to consider a few special requests. Here is what I would pack and why. Travel Light To Bali In Winter You don’t need to overpack to such a dreamy destination as Bali and Indonesia are.…

  • The Edit: can be luxury fashion made sustainably?

    Can Be Luxury Fashion Made Sustainably?

    In a time when the internet is full of glamorous ladies wearing luxury fashion and on another hand, sustainability is taking place we can get a bit confused about what is right and what’s not. How to keep the best possible style but being sustainable too. Let’s be honest, we don’t need to wear designers clothes with the hefty price tag to have luxury pieces in our wardrobes. There are rising brands who make luxury clothes sustainably and without costing us a fortune. Luxury items are the pieces that are made of the most expensive materials and well fitted. But can be a luxury fashion made sustainably?   Can Be…

  • How to add colour to your wardrobe
    How To Style

    How To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

    Happy New Year!! New Year, New you. Not really. But some of us feels that way. I am not one of them, but I would like to do some changes over here.   I plan to do more custom posts, if you have any questions please send me the email. Some ladies did so already and I created posts according to their wishes. I also plan to do more colour wardrobe even it’s not really my style, but many of you like colours. And I know the neutrals doesn’t fit all and if I want to help more ladies to feel their best I need to do something extra. Being…