• How to style turtleneck top
    How To Style

    Turtleneck Top

    As a child, I had to wear a turtleneck top and I honestly hated it. Until this year I did not wear tight-fitting turtleneck top, I am not sure if it changed because it is everywhere or it is a part of the grown-up wardrobe, but I felt in love with it. Since I included it in my Fall/Winter wish list I wanted to show you how to style turtleneck top. And it doesn’t matter if it’s tight-fitting or loose, it should be part of your wardrobe. Trust me it is a really versatile piece.   Turtleneck Top / Leather Jacket / Jeans / Bag / Trainers How To Style…

  • How to style the silk skirt
    How To Style

    The Silk Skirt

    Since I created a capsule wardrobe I became resistant to a trends. But as with everything else rules are here to being brake sometimes. It is exactly the same with the silk skirt trend. I just fell in love with the silk skirts. It can be taken as a trend but also it can be considered as a wardrobe staple when it match rest of your wardrobe. For me it will be black. I prepared a bit of inspiration how to style the silk skirt with rest of your minimalist wardrobe. Trainers / Leather Jacket / Sweater How To Style The Silk Skirt If you like the pencil skirts it would…