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    Sustainable Brand: Patt’touch

    COUNTRY: FRANCE The French brand for babies Patt’touch is a family adventure above all. Moreover, it is also an exceptional French savoir-faire transmitted from generation to generation. Based on a family know-how passed down from generation to generation in the design and manufacture of soft leather shoes, the French baby brand Patt’touch cultivates the demand for beauty, the passion for quality and the concern for quality detail and finishes. The two founders, who happen to be sisters, wish to highlight and promote the skills of French craftsmanship. Thanks to their own creativity, the sisters Olivia and Julie value the traditional techniques acquired from year to year while innovating a French…

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    Minimalist Lifestyle: Home Office

    Most of the small businesses and laptop based businesses start at the kitchen table. Nothing wrong with it and it is the easiest way how to operate. C’mon, there is a life to live. But after a while, you get short of space and you just want to keep your stuff organize and let’s be honest YOURS. Here is the easiest solution. Create your tiny corner to be more productive and organize. How to set up your office Don’t worry you don’t need to start moving furniture and clear some room or move your kids to one room. No need to go extreme. A better solution is to find a…

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    Sustainable Brand: Harlow & Fox

    Country: United Kingdom The ultimate in luxury lingerie crafted exclusively for DD+ full bust sizes. Using opulent silks, delicate laces and intricate detailing, Harlow & Fox creates effortlessly elegant, beautifully luxurious lingerie and loungewear, designed in Great Britain specifically for fuller bust sizes 30-38 DD-G. The Beginning of Journey Founded in 2011, creative director Leanna Williams left a career as a Registrar of Marriages to begin the brand after searching for truly luxurious garments that not only were designed to fit and support a larger cup size, but also created with the finest materials, design details and an aesthetic of being exquisitely out of the ordinary. After two years of tireless development, research and…

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    How To Style: Weekend Away

    The best thing in the summer is, you can do whatever and to go wherever. We are being very busy during our long stay holidays and this weekend we will pack our stuff and go for a long weekend. Can not wait. What to pack As it is not a very long stay and the temperature should be above 30 degrees the most important would be not to forget bikinis. 🙂 Thanks to the amazing weather and a capsule wardrobe packing shouldn’t be a problem. What I packed   Some outfit inspiration Tote/Sunglasses/ Dress or this/Hat/ Jeans Shorts//Slip Top/Bikini/Black Shorts/Denim Shirt/ White Silk Top/ White T-shirt/Slip Ons/Sandals/Duffle bag Staying in…

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    Sustainable Brand: The Ultimate Green Store

    COUNTRY: USA As the ultimate web-based destination for eco-conscious shoppers, The Ultimate Green Store provides a collection of many of the finest environmentally friendly products for you, your home and family! They also have an incredible collection of gifts for any occasion and you may personalize your shopping experience by creating a wishlist or gift registry for your special event! The Mission of The Ultimate Green Store   The mission is to provide products that, simply put, are made a better way. They recognize the importance of sustainable practices, production and social responsibility. The products they carry are green in a number of ways – natural, organic, recycled, eco-friendly goods-…

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    Capsule Wardrobe My Way – A Year Without Shopping Challenge June Update

    Another month past by I don’t even know how. Except we started our long summer holidays. Updates are harder to do because I already forgot shopping and creating outfits from items what I have. This month I decided instead of telling you what I bought and what I didn’t, show you what I packed for our long 2 months holidays with some outfit possibilities. This is what I packed Blue jeans/Pumps/Tote/ Trainers/ White Shirt/  Sunglasses/ Trenchcoat/ Black Jeans/ Dress or this/Hat/Bra/ Jeans Shorts/Blouse/Slip Top/Bikini/Skirt/Black Shorts/Denim Shirt/ White Silk Top/ White T-shirt/Blue Blouse/Cardigan/Blue Shirt/Slip Ons/Sandals Some outfit inspiration Just having fun by creating outfits. I think it is more fun than…